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The building industry is becoming low-carbon. ZED Consulting can help.


ZED Consulting is a boutique professional consulting firm specializing in green building design and construction management, including LEED certifications.


Stakeholders throughout the construction industry, including building design and construction teams and building owners and managers, look to ZED Consulting as a trusted adviser to help them meet and surpass their sustainability goals.

After an extensive two year pilot period, the WELL Building Standard was officially launched this week. Billed as “the world’s first building standard to focus on enhancing people’s health and well-being through the built environment", the standard adds an exciting new dimension to the toolbox for designing an efficient, environmentally friendly, and healthy building.



Of the dozens of new standards that have been released over the past years, WELL may be the most interesting and impactful. It has the potential to standardize the design of buildings that lead to healthy and productive occupants. For the commercial office sector, this means directing efforts to where they will reap the most financial benefits: people. As pointed out in the article, "operating energy costs employers about $3 / sq ft per year, while their employees cost them about $300 / sq ft per year [100 times more!]. As we get smart enough to measure outcomes [ie: financial savings due to increased productivity and decreased absenteeism and sickness in healthier buildings] you’ll see a very strong business case emerge.”


Of course, these buildings would still target traditional green outcomes like energy efficiency - however the financial payback of increased productivity just may be the extra push building owners need to turn away from 'business as usual' and adopt new innovative design for the environment and people.